Madhusudan Auto Private Limited (formerly known as Madhusudan Auto Limited) has a technical collaboration with KC Group for manufacturing world class Gear Shifting Systems, Visibility Systems (Wipers) and Pedal Systems.

KC Group is headquartered at Daegu, Korea and is a leading manufacturers of Chassis Components (Parking Lever, Accelerator Brake, Clutch Pedals, Electronic Accelerator Pedal Module, Reservoir Tanks), Automatic Transmission Parts, Visibility Systems (Wipers Arm, Blade, Rubber and Washer Heater), Gear Shifting Systems (Automatic Shifter, Manual Shifter and E-Shifters) and Control Cables

By continuous investment in R&D and development of world class technologies in each product group, KC is a renowned for bringing innovation to meet stringent product performance and provide customized solutions to its customers.